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1/2015: "I have been a member of NANPA for several years and insured under their program with Chubb.  As a traveling photographer, I awoke to what may be a common nightmare, theft of the majority of my camera equipment from my van.  I immediately called Kristin, who promptly got the claim process started.  Within a day or two I was contacted by an agent from Chubb for a statement.  As soon as the police report was filed, I received a check.  No fuss.  I'm writing this to thank both Chubb, for handling my claim so painlessly, and Kristin, who is a pleasure to deal with.  If you own expensive camera equipment, I whole heartedly recommend NANPA's insurance program." Mike Cohen

3/2013: "I am a professional photographer located in the Midwest.  When I first considered the need for photographic equipment insurance, I consulted with my fellow photographer colleagues.  Without exception, knowing I was principally a nature photographer, they recommended  Chubb/Rand Insurance through the North American Nature Photography Association (NANPA).  Not only is the insurance quite comprehensive, but Chubb/Rand epitomize “Customer Service,” with the emphasis on both the customer and service.  I have had occasion to file two claims since becoming a NANPA member and having this insurance.  Both times, the service agent treated me fairly and the response was quick, with the claim being handled expediently with a fair settlement..  This professional attitude is in keeping with what my friends and colleagues had told me about Chubb/Rand Insurance.  I have no hesitation about recommending Chubb/Rand Insurance through NANPA for any photographer who does any amount of photography in the field.  It is both comprehensive and affordable, and the customer service people are first-rate." David Brewer

5/2012: "My husband, Richard Voninski, has been a NANPA member for a number of years.  Rich and I have prided ourselves on being prepared for most situations.  Rich's camera gear is insured with Rand Insurance/Chubb and he was able to get that with the association with the NANPA organization.  As much as it's nice to know we have insurance, we had hoped never use it.  But this past week, we had to.  
 While in Budapest, Hungry,  Rich's camera gear was stolen.  With both of us in shock with what had just happened, we were at a lose.  This happened around 10PM on Monday May 14th.  As Rich and his friend work with our guide/translator to talk to the Police, I had a thought.  Why don't I call the insurance company to let them know what was going on and possibly start our insurance claim.  With the time difference, I might not get anyone to talk to, but maybe I could leave a message.  To my surprise the message that I got was a listing of names of who I could call to start an emergency claim.  I was able to get a hold of a gentlemen who lead us to Kristin Squier and Jalen White. They started working on our claim right away.  On Tuesday May 15th, I left for the US, while Rich and his friend looked for new camera gear in Budapest.  A photo trip is not a photo trip without a camera.  When I landed in the US, I had a text from Rich that they had bought new gear.  With new camera gear in Rich's hands, our claim of just shy of $10,000.00 was in the hands of Kristen and Jalen. By Wednesday the 16th we received notification that our claim was approved and as they say the check was is in the mail.  This week we received the check.  How amazing this group is.  In less than a week they worked this claim and eased our mind that we had a way to pay for Rich's new camera gear.  This was a stressful time for us.  I hope to never go thru this again, but it's comforting to know that Rand Insurance/Chubb has the people to handle any situation, no matter what time or wherever you are at. I just wanted to share this story with you, so if someone asks why you have insurance for your camera gear and why they should go thru this group, this is the reason why.    Thank you for taking the time to read my email.  And thank you for working with such professional group as Rand Insurance/Chubb to insure your members."  Veronica and Richard Voninski