Protecting Your Designer Wardrobe and Accessories

Do you own an extensive collection of couture? Vintage or one of a kind, hand crafted high fashion? Designer hand bags or shoes? Well, you might consider getting specialized designer wardrobe Insurance because your basic homeowners insurance likely won’t protect your collection. Here are some key things to keep in mind: Traditional homeowners insurance policies often exclude […]

4 Things You Should Pack For Your Boat Trip

Days spent on the water can be treasured memories. Whether it’s a weekend at the lake, or a day trip on the ocean, there’s just something special about spending time out on the water. While the scenery can be beautiful, remember conditions can change quickly, and you should always leave the shore prepared. Here are […]

Distracted Driving Increases in Summer

Get prepared for your summer road trip! Summer vacation season means more individuals and families setting out on road trips of all kinds. Statistics indicate that distracted driving from phone use occurs most frequently during the summer; nearly 10 percent more than any other time of year. This summer, consider how you can avoid distraction […]

Safety Tips for Pool Season

With summer fast approaching and plans being made to get your pool ready for action, our partners at Berkley One shared some smart pool safety tips to consider.

Are You Buying a New Boat this Season?

Do you have dreams about cruising around the bay on the jet-ski, chasing fish in your center console, or taking a spin on the lake in your vintage Chris Craft? Are you considering buying a new boat this season? Then you and your personal watercraft will need the right coverage that keeps risk back on […]

Reasons Why You Should Get Insurance for Your Luxury Watches

Tips and Guidelines from our Partners at Chubb There is therapy in keeping a healthy hobby. Watch enthusiasts understand the sense of pride that lies behind collecting luxury and rare timepieces. Besides the sentimental value your collection provides, they often also provide investment value. As the valuation of most luxury watches increases year-on-year, like any […]

Spring Ahead – Cleaning Tips to Prevent Homeowners Insurance Claims

The milder days of spring are a perfect time to do a thorough spring cleaning and perform home maintenance. After a long winter, it is a good idea to spend time on preventive measures to help maintain your home and property throughout the year. Tasks such as cleaning out your gutters, checking for dead trees and […]

The Risks to Consider When Moving to Larger Spaces with New Features

Moving From the Cities to the Suburbs:  Risks to Consider Successful individuals are moving to new homes and making upgrades to existing homes, which means they are facing new and different risks.  As people move to larger spaces, such as from a city apartment to a townhome or from a smaller home to a larger […]

Insurance Hurdles that Delay Home Closings

Prior to closing on your new home, there maybe several issues related to insurance that you, the buyer, may encounter. Here is a quick overview from our partners at Chubb of what to pay attention to so you can avoid any delays. For more information, contact us at Rand Insurance.

Understanding the Cost and Value of Your Homeowners Policy

Do you really know what goes into calculating your homeowners insurance costs? Our partners at Chubb have provided some detailed information that answer these three questions: What goes into your homeowners insurance premium? Why are costs and premiums rising? How do I reduce my premium? Click here for the document called Understanding Your Homeowners Insurance to get a […]

Wildlife Collisions Increase Between October and December

Encountering wildlife out of nowhere while driving on the road can be dangerous and scary. Animals often find their way from the woods out onto highways and residential streets, placing them in the path of moving vehicles. Even though animals are more active at certain times of the year, they can be a hazard on the […]

Why Successful Individuals Need an Independent Insurance Agent

The Independent Agent Provides Choice and Experience The successful, high net worth individual or family with assets over $1 million needs an independent insurance agent – an advisor, an advocate – to help them protect all of their assets. If you go with a captive agent, also know as the direct market like Geico, All […]