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Understanding the Cost and Value of Your Homeowners Policy

Do you really know what goes into calculating your homeowners insurance costs?  Our partners at Chubb have provided some detailed information that answer these three questions:

1.  What goes into your homeowners insurance premium?

2.  Why are costs and premiums rising?

3.  How do I reduce my premium?

Click here for the document called Understanding Your Homeowners Insurance to get a better understanding about your insurance and it's cost.  And of course, if you have any questions, call RAND Insurance at (203) 637-1006.


Posted 11/11/2020

Wildlife Collisions Increase Between October and December

Encountering wildlife out of nowhere while driving on the road can be dangerous and scary. Animals often find their way from the woods out onto highways and residential streets, placing them in the path of moving vehicles. Even though animals are more active at certain times of the year, they can be a hazard on the roadways year-round.

Be Mindful of Peak Areas and Times: Be on your highest alert at dusk and dawn, when many animals are most active. Deer are most active between 6 and 9 pm — a time when most drivers find it difficult to see. We also tend to be most sleepy and less alert behind the wheel during this time. Also note times of year: Early fall is usually mating season for animals, such as moose, and they are tracking scents. Deer are most active during their breeding season in the fall from October to early January. Springtime is when most wildlife families with their young are on the move as well.

If you do happen to collide with an animal, remember to never touch or help an animal in the roadway. Pull off the roadway and immediately call the police and be sure to get a police report. Many insurance companies may not pay for damages without a police report.

Be sure to share these tips with the young drivers in your life—reports indicate that young adults (ages 16-24) have the highest rate of car accidents involving large animals than any other age group.

by Meredith Bach  | 

Why Successful Individuals Need an Independent Insurance Agent

The Independent Agent Provides Choice and Expertise

The successful, high net worth individual or family with assets over $1 million needs an independent insurance agent - an advisor, an advocate - to help them protect all of their assets.

If you go with a captive agent, also know as the direct market like Geico, All State, or State Farm for example, then you are working with someone who only provides quotes for the company they represent.

Click on here for 4 reasons why we believe the independent agency experience benefits our clients at Rand Insurance. 


by Meredith Bach  | 

How to Navigate the Real Estate Market From an Insurance Perspective

Are you considering a big move out of the city to more space and buying a house?  Here are a few things to think carefully about as you make this important decision.

The biggest investment most people will ever make is in their home.  Protect the sizable financial investment you've made in your own home with a comprehensive homeowners insurance plan that only an experiences independent insurance professional can provide.

It's important to work with an innovative and experienced staff with insight, expertise and imagination to plan for the curves life can throw your way.  Working with a local independent agency can have many extra benefits including familiarity with your neighborhood, the local weather, and other knowledge that a direct market insurance company will never be able to provide which can effect your customer service experience.

At Rand, we embrace the understanding that in the real world, claims and losses are inevitable.  Solely on that basis, we are committed to lessen your exposure to certain risks and attempt to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.

Our commitment is to serve our clients first and foremost.  We not only listen to, but understand out clients' needs and measure our success by our customer's satisfaction.

Experience the Rand difference.

by Meredith Bach  | 

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