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Despite the challenges posed by the Coronovirus (COVID-19), we here at RAND Insurance want to reassure our valued clients that we are continuing to provide the same high level of service and availability you've come to expect and deserve.

We will continue to monitor the situation closely and take measures to protect the health of our employees, client and community.

In an effort to comply with the directives from local, state and federal government leaders, we will not be accepting walk-in or in-person appointments at our offices until we reevaluate.  Our employees will continue to be accessible during our regular business hours by phone, email and the Rand website.

We wish you the best during these challenging times and will provide updates when possible.

Thank you.

by Meredith Bach  | 

FAQs Regarding Coronavirus and Travel Insurance

Did you get travel insurance for your upcoming trip?  Are you considering canceling due to the news about the Coronoavirus?  Be sure to read your insurance policy thoroughly.  Generally, fear of travel is not a covered event under most policies.

Here are some frequently asked questions about the coronavirus and travel insurance.

FAQs regarding Coronavirus and Travel Insurance

And of course, you can always call us here at RAND for more information.

by Meredith Bach  | 

Prevent Water Leaks In Your Home

Water damage makes up 45% of all property damage - happening more often than fire or burglary. 

If you have a "smart home" then you should consider adding another feature - a leak detection system (i.e. Flo by Moen or Sentinel Hydrosolutions).  This gives homeowners the option to turn their water supply on or off remotely on their smart phone or other device. 

Insurers that we partner with - Berkley One, Chubb, AIG and PURE for example, offer incentive programs and potential premium discounts who have a leak defense system installed in their homes.

Here is how most leak detection system works:  Sensors are placed around the home under or next to anything connected to a water line, including sinks, toilets, water heaters, washing machines, refrigerators and bathtubs.  If water touches the sensor, it will send a signal to a control board that in turn sends a message to a command to shut off the valve at the main supply line.  The system also monitors water flow through the home's plumbing system and can close a valve installed in the water line feeding a home if it senses water flowing at a greater-than-expected volume or duration. 

by Meredith Bach  | 

Snowbirds: 10 Tips to Keep Your Home Safe While You Are Away

If you have plans to get out of the cold weather this winter then you should do a few things before you go to make sure your home is safe from burglars, pests and water damage.

Be sure to check out these 10 great tips from our partners at Chubb.



by Meredith Bach  | 

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