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Is Now A Good Time to Expand Your Business from the EU to the US?


Is now a good time to enter the US Market?   We may be in the midst of a global pandemic but that doesn't mean you can't take this time to evaluate and research what it would take to prepare and expand your business from Europe to the United States.

At Rand Insurance, we have the expertise to guide European clients on what it takes to build a business in the US.  Read more here about some key tips we suggest to get you started.

Posted 5/14/2020

10 Things Employers Need to Know Now

The ongoing pandemic has made a profound impact on the way we work and how businesses help their employees through unforseen circumstances.

Here are some tips from our partners at Guardian Life on how best to navigate the changing needs of employees as related to the COVID-19 pandemic.  This article provides some options for employers to consider.

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by Meredith Bach  | 

New York State Updated Insurance Laws

We here at RAND Insurance wanted to share this information with our New York based clients regarding updates to the Insurance Law in New York.

Click on this link for the most current information and how you may be able to benefit based on the new law.

Please read these more detailed notices that pertain to your policies:

NYDFS COVID-19 Notice to New York Policy Holders (Personal Insurance)

NYDFS COVID-19 Notice to New York Policy Holders (Life Insurance)

Should you have any questions, please call RAND Insurance at (203) 637-1006.

by Meredith Bach  | 

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