How to Navigate the Real Estate Market From an Insurance Perspective

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Are you considering a big move out of the city to more space and buying a house? Here are a few things to think carefully about as you make this important decision.

The biggest investment most people will ever make is in their home. Protect the sizable financial investment you’ve made in your own home with a comprehensive homeowners insurance plan that only an experiences independent insurance professional can provide.

It’s important to work with an innovative and experienced staff with insight, expertise and imagination to plan for the curves life can throw your way. Working with a local independent agency can have many extra benefits including familiarity with your neighborhood, the local weather, and other knowledge that a direct market insurance company will never be able to provide which can effect your customer service experience.

At Rand, we embrace the understanding that in the real world, claims and losses are inevitable. Solely on that basis, we are committed to lessen your exposure to certain risks and attempt to reduce the likelihood of their occurrence.

Our commitment is to serve our clients first and foremost. We not only listen to, but understand out clients’ needs and measure our success by our customer’s satisfaction.

Experience the Rand difference.

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