Summer Barbecuing Safety Tips

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You may be a year round barbecue aficionado especially as you’ve been cooking from home for these past months. If so, now is a good time as summer begins, to give your grill a good cleaning.

Here are a few tips to clean and create a safe environment for your barbecuing activities this summer.

When the grill is cold, make sure the propane tank is turned off, remove briquettes and cooking grates, and carefully detach the gas tubes and burners. Wash the grill with warm, soapy water, then dry it with a towel and reassemble. Take time to burn off the grease on the grates during the season – this will eliminate unwanted fires.

Make sure the grill is at least 3 feet from the side of the house. Never leave the fire unattended and make sure children stay a safe distance away. Keep water or a fire extinguisher in case of an emergency. Keep your fire out from under trees, low-hanging plants or flowers, and away from anything flammable.

Enjoy the summer BBQ cooking!

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