Why Successful Individuals Need an Independent Insurance Agent

The Independent Agent Provides Choice and Experience The successful, high net worth individual or family with assets over $1 million needs an independent insurance agent – an advisor, an advocate – to help them protect all of their assets. If you go with a captive agent, also know as the direct market like Geico, All […]

How to Navigate the Real Estate Market From an Insurance Perspective

Are you considering a big move out of the city to more space and buying a house? Here are a few things to think carefully about as you make this important decision. The biggest investment most people will ever make is in their home. Protect the sizable financial investment you’ve made in your own home […]

What Is an Insurance Score and What Do You Need to Know?

Did you know that your credit score (the numerical ranking that is a summary of the info in your credit report) has a direct effect on your insurance score? And depending on what your insurance score is, that particular number will play a very big part in how much you will be charged for insurance […]